An exploration into the mysterious life of the late jazz vocalist Jackie Paris, which examines the question of how much we need to know about an artist’s life to appreciate their art. From IMDB





“Uncovering why a great be-bop jazz singer fell into near-total obscurity is only one accomplishment of Raymond De Felitta’s magnificent and moving ‘Tis Autumn; The Search For Jackie Paris’.”

Robert Koehler, Variety (Click to read full review)


“Part adoring fan letter, part meditation on the elusive nature of fame and success, part investigative piece, “Tis Autumn” is a music documentary of uncommon richness.”

Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter (click to read full review)


“A frank and moving treatise on lost love, wasted chances and the pitfalls of monstrous egoism. It’s a fascinating tale that reveals as much about the cutthroat nature of the music biz as it does about this witty, nostalgia-prone elderstatesman.”

Tom Huddleston, Time Out (Click to read full review)


“A compelling documentary that presents a tantalizing mystery and packs a powerful emotional punch.”

Matthew Turner, ViewLondon (Click to read full review)


“Jackie Paris is pitted against an inexperienced documentary-maker…the result is an often hilarious hotchpotch of cack-handed research and dim-witted interview techniques.”

Tim Evans, Sky Movies (full review no longer available)

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