Ben Kleinman and his father Sam wind up taking an unexpected roadtrip with each other, motivated by Ben’s mother having suddenly announced that she wants a divorce. The two discover things they never knew they had in common with each other and bond a lot.





“The film was directed by Raymond De Felitta, whose “Two Family House” is an overlooked treasure. With this film he does what the screenplay requires, with admiration for the actors and sincere acceptance of the material. The problem is that the screenplay doesn’t require enough. I cannot recommend the movie.”

Roger Ebert (click to read full review)


“By the time the characters are discussing mortality, an end to the cranky drama is blessedly in sight, and the entire film can rest in peace.

Ned Martel, New York Times (Click to read full review)


“Flat and forgettable, it’s a tiresome film barely held together by its plinky piano score, sophomoric flatulence jokes, and cloying greeting-card emotions.”

Renee Graham, Boston Globe


“The semiautobiographical film has a few genuinely humorous and touching moments, but those infrequent occurrences are buried under a steaming pile of schmaltz.”
Dave Calhoun, Time Out New York (Click to read full review)


“Reiser has given us a film that makes us laugh while contemplating the ways we understand and misunderstand those we love.”
Stefan Ulstein, Christianity Today

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