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Directed by Raymond De Felitta
Starring Richard Dreyfuss, Blythe Danner, Drew Gregory & Bruce Altman
Aired on ABC in 2016

"Working from ABC News correspondent Brian Ross' research and book The Madoff Chronicles, the movie has enough juicy details to remain very watchable, and Dreyfuss is having a great time playing this awful man." 
Dan Fienberg | Hollywood Reporter
"It's a chilling look at the rise and fall of a man whose greed knew no limits and unleashed a tide of misery."
Robert Rorke | New York Post
"Dreyfuss somehow refrains from chewing the scenery, though the script at times would have him leaving only flecks of drywall."

Mark A. Perigard | Boston Herald

Directed by Raymond De Felitta

Starring Joe Manganiello, Sofía Vergara, & Denis O'Hare

Released July 19, 2019  
"For this character drama, the director, Raymond De Felitta, trains his camera on Joe Manganiello, as if allowing the actor to prove himself as a star simultaneous with Sonny’s efforts to prove himself as a person... The
result is pleasing—a stadium snow cone."
Teo Bugbee | The New York Times

"Director Raymond De Felitta steps back up to the plate with “Bottom of the 9th,” another dramatically solid and emotionally satisfying drama that pivots on a long-shot attempt to fulfill long-delayed dreams.De Felitta takes an admirably restrained approach to a familiar scenario that could have come off as sappy in the wrong hands. At the same time, however, he allows his most valuable players, led by Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara, more than enough freedom to make vivid and compelling impressions within the lines he has drawn."
Joe Leydon | Variety
"The director's sense of place counts for a lot here, and a sympathetic lead performance will have most who catch the film rooting for this underdog. Bottom of the 9th wraps up with no extra innings, delivering just enough melodrama and Americana to earn its time on the diamond."
John DeFore | Hollywood Reporter

68% Fresh on RottenTomatoes
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